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Strategy Map for Sales Organisations

Hands-on Seminar with 80% Exercises to construct your own Sales Strategy Map

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The Benefits of a Sales Strategy Map:

  • A Clear View of your Commercial Vision on BU level
  • A Direct Communication Tool, top down and bottom up, from MT to Sales Reps
  • Proactive Focus on what drives your Business instead of reactive controls
  • You initiate the Bridge Building between Sales, Marketing and Service

On the Agenda

During the seminar we go through the five steps with real life examples and exercises. 
At the end of the seminar, you will have your own Strategy Map.


1.  Align Company Goals & Sales Ambitions

     Define your Direction on B.U. level

  • Translating Company Goals in B.U Budgets and Local Sales Strategies 
  • Pinpoint your Key Performance Areas:  Market Share, Margins & Cost Efficiency, Customer Loyalty & Partnerships, People & Manpower Goals.

2.  Create your Sales Strategy Map

     The Strategic driven Sales Organization

  • The Four Strategic Building Blocks

3.  The Sales Scoreboard
     Keep it Simple and Workable

  • Select KPA’s that drive the Sales Strategy
  • Measure each KPA with only 3 KPI’s
  • Construct a ‘Ready To Use Cockpit’  with Targets, Strategic Drivers & Progress

4Bridge Building - Integration

     Alliance between Departments

  • TEAM: Together Everybody Achieves More

5.  Presenting the four Building Blocks

     Demo with a simple tool, exportable to excel

  • User-friendly and always up-to-date
  • Strong involvement of the MT, the board  members and your Salesmen


In-company sessions with the management team

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